Over the years, Mr. Kovarsky has served as an expert witness for several of my clients and our office. In addition, he also has served as an expert in cases for other parties who have been involved in various losses with our office and clients. I have worked closely with him on matters involving electrical and mechanical failures, product design and construction issues. In addition, I have observed Mr. Kovarsky’s work with respect to forensic lab analysis of evidence retained for testing purposes.

I have found his industry knowledge to be superior as to others in the forensic and engineering fields. Just as important as his technical skills, Mr. Kovarsky’s professional integrity is of the highest degree.

Ohio attorney involved with product failures, electrical issues, fire and water losses.

I find Mr. Kovarsky to be methodical and precise. He thoroughly reviews all information provided. Only after reviewing all the information and conducting his independent research will he render his opinions.

I have also witnessed Mr. Kovarsky on the witness stand and/or being grilled by my opponent at a deposition. Since he is thorough and principled, his opinions are scientifically based. He is unwavering in his presentation of those opinions, but very respectful in his manner and affect.

Michigan attorney involved in litigated defense cases involving personal injury and property damage.